Introduction: How to Make a Stomachion Archimedes Puzzle

The Stomachion, or Ostomachion as pointed out by the Ancient Roman poet Ausonius, was a puzzle game from the Ancient Greek, similar to the Chinese Tangram.
The original game was made of 14 pieces made of bone. The Ancient Greek Archimedes studied the game and wrote a mathematical treatise about its geometric and combinatorial properties, known as the Archimedes Palimpsest. Little is known about the rules of the game. It seems that Archimedes used it as a combinatorial test asking how many different arrangements of the puzzle are possible.

Attached is the fusion 360 files and the stl version

If you don't have fusion 360 you can get for free if you are a student/ hobbyist or an educator.

This is my first instructsabels


Fusion 360 or any other 3d modeling software.

Step 1: Part 1 : Create the Frame

  1. Draw a square 15.24 cm by 15.24cm
  2. Extrude the shape by 2 mm
  3. Shell the shape by 5mm to the outside
  4. You should get something similar to mine

Step 2: Part 2 : Creating the Pieces

  1. Start by drawing a shape then extruding it by 2mm
  2. Make sure to select new component when extruding the shape as it would be easier to export it as an stl file to 3d print
  3. if you are not sure then you can have a look at my example above.
  4. repeat the the steps in part 2 for the remaining pieces.

Step 3: Part 3 - Add Colours

once you are done you could add colour or send it off to the 3d printer and print it

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