How to Make a Storage Box

Introduction: How to Make a Storage Box

Material's you'll need to build a wooden chest 2 2x4x6 non treated boards, a box of 1/2 screws, hinges, and 2 sheets of plywood it doesn't matter what kind of plywood you have. Also if you would like to put some stain on it in the end you could also do that.

Step 1: Cutting the Boards Then Cutting the Wood

Get your plywood and mark it 3ft long, then mark it 2ft wide and cut your plywood.

Step 2: Marking Boards

Gather two 2x4x6 and measure 4 marks, each a foot long then cut them

Step 3: Marking Then Cutting

Mark 2 marks of 2 ft long then cut them both and then mark 2 more marks of 3 ft long and cut them.

Step 4: Starting to Put the Frame Together

Get the 2ft and 3ft boards that you cut and place them 2 ft apart on the width and place them 3 ft apart on length wise.

Step 5: Screwing/Nailing the Boards In

Put the boards together and make a rectangle then put 2 nails or screws into each board that will be held together.

Step 6: Adding the Extra Support for the Walls

On the frame put the 4 boards that you cut 1ft long and nail them to the frame of the box and put 2 nails in each board that will connect to the frame to insure its sturdy.

Step 7: Adding Plywood

Add the plywood to the surround the box and screw/nail the boards in.

Step 8: Insuring Whatever Is in the Bottom of the Box Not to Get Wet

Then you will cut two boards to put below the plywood and screw it the the frame of the box to help support and to keep it off of the ground where ever you happen to put it.

Step 9: You're Done and Now You Have a Strong and Sturdy Storage Box!

Step 10:

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    4 years ago

    Very nice box! How long did it take you to make?


    Reply 4 years ago

    It took about 3 hours all together