Introduction: How to Make a Super Awesome Doorstop

So you're looking to make a doorstop for your medium sized door? Well this is the right place for you. This tutorial is easy to follow and will ensure that you would have a beautiful doorstop for your door. The only problem might be that it's a trapezoid and you might not want another shape. But here's the thing, a doorstep that looks like a trapezoid would SURELY compliment the shape of your rectangular door.


For this doorstop we'll need:

1. Casting plaster

2. A small yogurt cup for measuring

3. A bucket

4. A sheet of polypropylene for the mold

5. Tape

6. Spatula

7. A box cutter (optional)

8. Watercolor dye (optional)

Step 1: Making Your Mold

For the shape of your mold you'll be making a 3 dimensional or 3d trapezoid. The measurements and shapes of the polypropylene should look like the drawings. All together you should have 5 shapes.

Step 2: Taping Your Mold Together

Use your tape or shipping tape to tape the 5 pieces together. Follow the pictures above, the white rectangles represents tape.

Step 3: Making the Plaster Solution

For the plaster the ratio should be 2 water : 3 plaster powder normally. But because a doorstop is big the ratio would be 6 water : 9 plaster powder

Start by adding 6 cups of water to your bucket using the small yogurt cups, add 9 cups of the plaster powder to the water and mix it thoroughly with your spatula until the solution is smooth consistency. After stirring pour the plaster solution into the mold and stick tape on it to make sure that it stays in the correct shape. Wait for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that it's fully dry.

Step 4: Making the Plaster Solution With Color

If you like the doorstep to have pretty colors then add your dye into the mixture. There aren’t exact measurements for the dye but just know that the color on the fully dried doorstep will be lighter than the color while mixing the solution. If you’d like your product to have 2 or more colors then get another bucket and pour the ratio you want between colors. Make sure that the plaster doesn’t dry before mixing the color.

In the next slide you’ll see my a finished product with and without color. Wait for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that it's fully dry.

Step 5: Pouring the Solution

To make sure that the casting plaster won't leaked when you pour it in add water into the mold to see if there's any leakage if there isn't then great, but if there is then remember where it was leaking and add tape to those spots.

Step 6: Your Finished Product

After waiting for a day or 2 you finally have your finished product. When removing the mold from the doorstop make sure to carefully wiggle it out or use your box cutter to cut the tape that held the polypropylene together. The 3rd and 4th picture shows what happened to mold solution I added blue and yellow dye to mimic the beach. The 5th and 6th picture is just another one of my prototypes in which I mixed in purple and blue solution together

If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below, and let me know how it went!