Introduction: How to Make a Swamp Wood Flickering LED Table Light DIY


Materials & tools:

piece of swampwood

piece of beech

piece of leather

3 orange flickering LED

power adapter

mini switch


dc socket

shrinking tube









clear epoxy resin


4mm, 5mm, 10mm drill

forstner drill

wood wax

2 components filler



Step 1: Preparation

Mark the stand from the swampwood on cardboard and mark a again with a little space. Cut the cardboard and mark the baseplate on a piece of beech. Remove the edge from card cardboeard and mark the base again. Saw the baseplate out. Round the edges of the top to the mark. Coat the swampwood twice with clear epoxy resin. Cover the base with tape and mark the stand. Mark where you want to have the lightning. Drill 4mm holes for the LED.

Step 2: The Electronic

Mark the place for the electronics and drill space with a forstner drill. Drill the holes for the switch & dc plug. Give the wood a wax polish. Solder the elektronics and check if everything works. Drill a hole through the base and in the swampwood. Screw the base and the swampwood together. Fill the underside with 2 components filler and smooth it.

Step 3: Finish

Mark the stand on a piece of leather and cut it out with a scissor. Glue the piece under the base and flame carefully the edges with a lighter. Plug it in, turn the switch and enjoy.

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