How to Make a Talking PIR Motion Security System

Introduction: How to Make a Talking PIR Motion Security System

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In this video we will make a security system that detects motion and speaks. In this project the PIR sensor detects motion and the DFPlayer Mini MP3 module plays the previously defined sound.

Step 1: Video Tutorial - Step by Step

In this video you can see the project process step by step.

Step 2: Required Hardware

Step 3: Arduino IDE Source Code

  • Upload the Sound to SD Card
  • Download the Source Code
  • Install the Required Hardware
  • Select the Board and Port
  • Upload the Code

For more information see the video tutorial.

Download the Source Code -

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    Tip 1 year ago

    DFRobot's library for the DFPlayerMini is a terrible and inefficient library. If anyone want's a faster and simpler library to use with this module, I suggest using this one: You can also download and install through the Arduino IDE's Libraries Manager (search "DFPlayerMini Fast").


    2 years ago

    Do you think you could share your circuit diagram? I'm not the kind of person that learns well from videos. :D