How to Make a Tennis Racket on Tinkercad (Instructable)




Introduction: How to Make a Tennis Racket on Tinkercad (Instructable)

About: Drafting 1 (Period 2B)

(By S. Naik - Period 2B)

This is an Instructable that walks you through the the steps of making a model tennis racket on Tinkercad.

I came up with the steps and design on my own, but feel free to use steps or methods that you prefer!

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Racket Head (Part of Frame)


- Drag an egg from the 'character' panel (the default size is perfect)

- Reduce the height to 17.5

Step 2:


- Drag in another egg and two cube holes

- Raise the height of one cube and stretch it over the whole egg

- Make sure the cube only cuts of 2/5 of the egg's top

- Repeat with the second cube, but cut of the bottom of the egg instead

Step 3:


- Combine all three parts

- Hold shift while bringing in the edge of the flat egg (this will make it smaller)

- Stretch the shape until it's really tall

- Make the shape a hole

Step 4:


- Use the align tool to make sure the hole is in the middle of the egg

- Use the little black cone to lower the hole until it's going all the way through the e egg

- Group all of it together (and it should now look like the last picture)

- You can shorten the height (this is now the frame of your racket)

Step 5: Step 5: Making the Strings


- Add a cylinder

- Make it a 1x1x58 cylinder

- Rotate it 90 degree

- Make sure it's 12 high

- This is now one of your strings

Step 6:


- Align the string with the frame

- Duplicate the second string (Ctrl + D), and use your right arrow key to move it over 6 places

- Duplicate 4 more strings (6 total), and space them all out by 6 (using arrow keys again)

Step 7:


- Shrink in all the string so that they don't poke out of the frame, but are long enough to go from one end to the other

- Re-align the strings with the frame

Step 8:


- Copy one string and turn it 90 degrees

- Repeat steps 6 and align it like you did for the vertical string

- Duplicate so that you have 2 evenly spaced strings

- Duplicate the rest of the horizontal strings (I spaced all of mine by 6 again)

Step 9:


- Just like step 7, shorten the vertical strings so that they fit in the frame

- Hold shift then select all of the vertical strings and align them with the frame

Check around the whole frame to make sure none of the strings are poking out.

Step 10: Step 10: Making the Racket Neck (Part of Frame)


- Move the frame out of the way

- Select all of the strings and group them together

- Drag an 'extrusion' from the 'featured' panel

Step 11:


- On the mini panel, you can pull and adjust the size and shape of the extrusion (make one similar to the one I made)

- Lower the extrusion height to 3 or 4, then lift the whole shape up to till the frame

Step 12:


- Duplicate the extrusion, then use the mirror tool to make the other side

- Move the duplicate, mirrored version right next to the original

- Play around with the parts a little bit, just to make sure that they smoothly transition from one part to the next

Step 13:


- Group all three parts together

- Move the frame and strings back together

- Use the align tool to make sure it is lined up all the way down the middle.

Step 14: Step 14: Making the Handle


- Drag a cylinder from the 'Basic Shapes'

- From the top panel, make the 'Bevel' 1.5 (you can type it in or drag the slider)

- This will round out the edge of the handle

Step 15:


- Hold shift and drag in the corner of the handle to make it smaller (12x12)

- Raise the height to 30 (we don't want the handle to be too short

- Now you can adjust the width to 10 so that its more realistic

Step 16:


- Rotate the handle 90 degrees (the 12 mm should be facing up/horizontal and the 10mm on the sides/vertical)

- Use the align tool to center the handle down the middle horizontally

- Also use align tool to center handle vertically

Step 17: Step 17: Customizing Your Racket


- If you want to customize the colors of your racket, this the right time to do it (before grouping it)

- While selecting the frame, click the colored circle on the top panel and choose the color you want

- Then click the strings and handle and choose the colors of your choice.

Step 18:


- Now that you have customized your racket, group all of it together

- The racket will turn into one color, but you can change that by clicking the 'multicolor' box on the color panel

- Now you can rotate it in any position you want, and you tennis racket is all done!

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