Introduction: How to Make a Throwing Needle

About: Hi may name is Jac and i am really into engineering and make a lot of weapons.

A Ninja throwing needle is basically a sharpened steal rod. There are two types of needle that i make here my favourite being the square ones but only because of the look. This is a really easy project to start with if you are into knife throwing as the throwing technique is almost the same. I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to post a photo if you make one.

Here's the build video and make sure to print of the step by step list at step three of this build.

Step 1: What You Will Need

All you will need for this project is in the list below.

Tools :

Angle Grinder or Hack saw

Bench grinder or files

Forge or even a home fire or pit fire

Hammer and anvil (optional This comes down to wether you want to forge you shape)=

And safety gear safety glasses, ear muffs.

Materials :

Steal rod or other steel ( or in my case a old steel fencing marker or you could use old tent pegs)

Paint (optional)

Step 2: Step by Step List

This is a printable step by step list of how to make the Needle

1. Gather all the tools and materials as in the step above and don't forget safety gear.

2. Mark and cut piece of steel to length (23.5 cm) and the rough outline of the point.

3. Grind the rough edges of the sides of the needle and grind so that the back side is flat.

4. Heat up a fire or a forge and take the point up to red hot then draw the length of the point out on an anvil or piece of steel with a hammer (this may take a couple heats).

5. Heat the needle up for the last time and quench it into some water or oil.

6. Grind a point or spike onto the needle and other sand and paint or leave as is.

7. Sharpen spike on oil or water stone (optional).