Introduction: How to Make a Tie Skirt

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Step by step instructions for how to make a cool skirt out of men's ties.

Step 1: Materials List

-Ties (silk is probably the best but I used whatever I found at the thrift store)
-elastic for waste (I cut one out of an old pair of pjs and it worked great)
-sewing machine
-pins (optional)

Step 2: Step 1 - Cut the Ties

Take each tie and fold it in half.  Cut each tie in half.

Step 3: Step 2 - Trim Ties to Same Length

At this point I took all of the ties and trimmed them to approximately the same length.  You could make them different lengths but I wanted to keep it simple.  But be creative.

Step 4: Step 3 - Put Ties Together

Take a front and a back of a tie (I used two different designs but you can do it any way you want) and lay them face to face (facing each other).

Step 5: Step 4 - Start Sewing.

Step 6: Step 5 - Iron

Open the ties and iron so they are flat and easier to work with.

Step 7: Step 6 - Add More Ties

Do the same thing as step 3.  Make sure ties are facing each other (face to face) and sew. I alternated fronts and backs of ties.

Step 8: Step 7 - Iron

Open the ties and iron.

Step 9: Step 8 - Continue Putting Ties Together, Sewing and Ironing.

Continue as in previous steps until you have enough ties sewn together to fit around your waste.  (I used 24!!)

Step 10: Step 9 - Elastic

At this point I got an elastic band that would fit around my waste to use as, well, an elastic wasteband.

Step 11: Step 10 - Pin Elastic to Waste

I took the elastic and pinned it to the back of the tie skirt (I haven't sewn the side together yet, making it easier to put in the elastic).  At this point I have to say I know NOTHING about sewing in elastics.  I just winged this and it worked for me.  If you want to do this properly, don't ask me how - maybe see if you can find instructions online (perhaps someone can post it on Instructables).  Or you could wing it like I did.  Another option would be to just add a belt later - again, be creative!

Step 12: Step 11 - Sew in Elastic

Again, I don't know anything about this.  I winged it and it worked. I did make sure I sewed the elastic about an inch down so I could fold the material over the elastic to give the top of the skirt a finished look.  I considered sewing this elastic on the outside of the skirt (I thought it would look cute) but that seemed too complicated and I wanted to keep it simple.

Step 13: Step 12 - Sew Up Side of Skirt

At this point I took the skirt and made sure it was inside out.  I sewed up the side.

Step 14: Step 13 - Fold Top of Waste Over Elastic and Sew

Now, I took the top of the skirt and folded it over the elastic and pinned it.  I sewed this so it looked nice on the outseide.

Step 15: Step 14 - Enjoy Your Skirt

This skirt is deceptively heavy.  I think I will wear mine in the fall.

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