How to Make a Tone Control LM358 for Amplifier 2.1




Introduction: How to Make a Tone Control LM358 for Amplifier 2.1

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So on my Youtube channel, many people ask how to combine two amplifiers into one. The first amplifier is used for satellite speakers and the second amplifier is used for subwoofer speakers. This amplifier installation configuration can be called Amplifer 2.1.

To answer that question, in this article I will create a tone control for the 2.1 amplifier. So this tone control can divide one audio source into 3 outputs. the first and second outputs are for the satellite speaker amplifier and the third output is for the subwoofer speaker amplifier.

This tone control can be supplied using a single power supply or a symmetrical power supply. Need special configuration for the use of each type of power supply. I will explain how to configure it in the article.

Step 1: Component Required

The components used are SMD and some are trough holes. The following are the components required:

Step 2: Schematic and Layout

You can see the schematic and layout in the image above.

I have divided the schematic into several parts according to their respective functions. So it's easy to read and learn.

My PCB design uses 2 layers to make layout easier and save space. Since my PCB is dual layer, there is no way I can make it myself at home. For that, I made my PCB on PCBway.

For this schematic and layout, I design using the eagle application. For the original file, you can download it below.

Step 3: Make PCB Fabrication

Because my equipment is not yet qualified to make double layer PCB. PCB I made on PCBway. why did I choose PCBway, because By making PCB on PCBway you can get High Quality 10 PCs PCBs for only $ 5 & new member First order Free: .

For the finished PCB, you can see in the picture above.

To print on PCBway, PCB design needs to be converted into gerber format.

You can download the gerber file below, I provide it for those of you who want to make it too.

Step 4: Power Supply Configuration

This tone control can use a single power supply and a symmetrical power supply.

You can see the configuration for these two conditions in the image above.

the components in the red box are components that must be installed in each of the selected configurations.

Step 5: Assembly Step

Assemble all components according to the given scheme and the supply configuration used.

Finished results can be seen in the image above

Step 6: Testing

For testing, I use a single supply configuration.

peripherals that I use for testing:

  • Amplifier TPA3118 for Subwoofer speaker
  • Amplifier TPA3110 for Satelit Speaker
  • Power Supply variable 4A
  • 6" Subwoofer Sopeaker 100Watt
  • 3" Satelit speaker + Twetter

Step 7: The Result

For a more complete tutorial, see the video I uploaded on my YouTube channel. Don't forget to visit my Youtube channel to see lots of other tutoral videos.

Thank you for reading this article.

If there are questions, just ask in the comments column

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    3 months ago

    Hello sir, I'm from Indonesia, I want to ask about the difficulties with this altec lansing vs4621 pcb, the previous pcb was destroyed and I want to try to make a manual pcb, but confused in this small capacitor section what values ​​should be here, I think you can help me, thank you


    Reply 3 months ago

    for the value of the SMD capacitor can be known by measuring it using a multimeter