Introduction: How to Make a Touch☝ Sensor Circuit Using Transistors on Breadboard☝

In this tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to make a simple touch sensor Circuit with transistors. I basically uses my finger as a resister to give a signal to Bace of the transistor and light up the LED. You can also replace the LED for a buzzer or any other output component if you wish.

Step 1: Part List

* Breadboard

* LED (any colour)

* Transistor (D200) - 2X

* 220Ω Resistor

* Connecting wire

* 9V Battery

Step 2: Connect Transistor C Pins Together

Step 3: Connet Transistor 1 B Pin With Transistor 2 C Pin

Step 4: Connect Transistor 1 E Pin to the Ground

Step 5: Connect Transistor 2 C Pin to LED

Connect Transistor 2 C pin to LED cathode and Connect anode it to positive using a 220Ω resistor

Step 6: Connect the Touch Pads

You can use two connectors as touch pads if you want .Connect one pad To Transistor 2 B pin And the other to the anode of the LED.

Step 7: This Is How It Works