Introduction: How to Make a Toy Ankylosaurus by Zachary White

Follow these instructions to make your own wooden toy Ankylosaurus, or whatever animal you want.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Band saw

Drill press

Router table - 1/4" round over bit



Wood glue

Matt board

Wheels and axles


Safety glasses


Step 2: Find a Photo of an Ankylosaurus

Print it out to size that will fit on your Wood

Use a photo that can be understood by it's silhouette

Use a picture that is a side view, rather than an action view

Step 3: Print Out the Photo and "cartoonify" It

Print it to the right size, and use a marker to either amplify or decrease the features of the animal, so it looks better without the details inside the silhouette

Step 4: Cut Out Your Drawing Onto Mattboard or Card Stalk

Trace your picture onto mattboard and cut it out

Draw dots in place for axle holes

Step 5: Cutting the Toy From Wood, Drilling Axle Holes, and Routering Edges.

Tape the template onto wood, then cut it out using the band saw.

Be sure to wear safety glasses

This may take as long as half an hour depending on how curvy the template is

Measure the size of your axles and use the same sized drill bit for the drill press, and cut where you marked earlier. Place a piece of wood below the animal so you don't damage the machine.

Use a 1/4" round over bit for the router table and router the edges of your animal.

Step 6: Sand the Animal

Start with 80 grit and work up to at least 300

Use 80 to remove rough spots and unwanted or tiny things

Smooth it out using the higher grits.

Step 7: Paint And/or Stain Your Animal

Use paint to add details like eyes or just color

Don't paint the whole animal; a wooden toy should look like wood, not paint

If you want, you can stain the wood to add color without covering it in paint

Step 8: Glue in Axles and Wheels

Glue the axles inside the holes with wood glue. The axles should not spin, and the wheels should not be glued.

Step 9: That's It

Now that you're done, do whatever you want with it.