Introduction: How to Make a Toy Chick by Andrick

This is my presentation on how to make a push and pull wooden toy chick

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Picture of a chick

2. Sharpie

3. Template piece of wood

4. 2x6' block of wood

5. Paint

6. Paintbrush

7. Bandsaw

8. Sandpaper

9. Drill press, miter saw, Router

10. wood glue

11. 4 axles

12. 4 wheels

Step 2: Step 2: Paper Template

  • To start off your toy you want to print a picture of a baby chick
  • Next you want to “cartoonize” the picture which means make the picture as big as you desire
  • Make sure to have 2 holes in the bottom of your picture so that later on you will be able to make wheels

Step 3: Step 3: Trace Your Stencil

  • Cut out your paper template and trace it on a thin piece of wood

Step 4: Step 4: Cutting Your Wood Stencil

  • Take your wooden Template to the band saw and cut along the lines that you traced in the previous step

Note: Make sure when you cut underneath the beak you cut one side and then cut from the top because it is too tight of a turn for the band saw

Step 5: Step 5: Cut Out Your Toy and Sand It

  • Use the sander for the next step
  • Make sure to Sand off any jagged corners and bits (if you don’t you will have problems later on)

Step 6: Step 6: Trace Your Stencil Onto a Wood Block

  • Cut out a block of wood on the miter saw
  • Use your stencil and trace around it so that you can have a line to cut on when

Step 7: Step 7: Cut Out Your Toy Block

  • Use the band saw for this step
  • Cut the toy along the lines that you traced with pencil

Step 8: Step 8: Router You Toy

  • The router is to smoothen the edges of the toy so it fits best in the hand of a child
  • If there are places that aren't possible to router you will need to sand these by hand

Step 9: Step 9: Paint Your Toy

  • Use paint to paint to paint certain parts of the toy

Step 10: Step 10: Put on Your Wheels

  • For this step you will need wood glue, 4 wheels, 4 axle sticks and your toy
  • Start off by putting some glue into the holes of your toy but remember do not put too much or else your wheels will not rotate
  • Line up the wheel with the hole in your toy and stick the axle stick into it

Do that for all 4 wheels and then you have your own wooden push and pull toy