Introduction: How to Make a Tree Using Watercolour!

In this instructables you will be able to make your own very cool tree using some watercolour! So what are you waiting for lets start! ⟶ ⟶


To make this awesome tree in five minutes, you will need....

  • A water colour palette.
  • Paint brushes (you will need 2 paint brushes, make sure you have a stiff paint brush for spraying the paint).
  • A piece of paper (Otherwise, what are you going to paint on!?).
  • A cup filled with water.
  • Once you have all of those materials, we can now start with our watercolour tree! ;)

Step 1: Let's Start to Make the Tree Trunk!

If you only think about it, making a tree trunk can be quite hard, but when you actually do it, it's really easy!

So firstly grab all your materials such as your; paintbrushes take the thinnest one, grab your watercolour palette, take your cup of water and you are ready to go!

Start from the bottom of the tree from the roots, then make a nice trunk and then work your way up, after make some thin wiggly lines with your paint brush, spread them out.

Step 2: Spraying!

You should have something like this after you paint your tree.

Now grab your stiff brush.

Dip in your paintbrush in any colour of your choice, get your paintbrush soaked in water and start spraying!

(look at the video for a demonstration)