How to Make a Tulle Skirt




Introduction: How to Make a Tulle Skirt


Making a tulle skirt can take up quite a bit of your time depending on the size of the skirt that you are making so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete your skirt. You do not want to put yourself in a bind because you did not give yourself enough time!

Step 1: Selecting Your Tulle


When deciding what tulle to get you need to have an idea of just how much tulle you will be using. For example at first I did not buy enough so I needed to buy more which ended up leaving me with quite a bit so I ended up making my dog a tulle skirt as well.

Also you need to select the tulle color(s) that interest you and make sure that you get enough tulle for your tutu. One important thing to remember during this step is that there is no set number of colors that you have to use. For example I chose to use 7 however, other people may chose to use more or less colors, this step is entirely up to you.

Step 2: Select a Ribbon or a Band

You can either chose a ribbon or a band to tie your tulle to. One important thing to think about in this step is how fluffy you would like your skirt to be. This will determine what kind of ribbon or band to use.

Step 3: Measure Out How Much Ribbon Is Needed

For this step you will wrap the ribbon (if you decided to use ribbon) to measure out how much you will need for your skirt. Once you have enough of the band or ribbon will secure your band in a bow.

Step 4: Have Lots of Space

Find an area to work in that allows you to have room to spread out your supplies. If you are doing multiple colors of tulle like I did then you will use this space to separate each color.

Step 5: Decide How Long You Will Like Your Tulle to Be

Lay or roll out your tulle so that you are able to decide just how long you would like your pieces of tulle to be.

Step 6: Cut to Your Tulle to Your Desired Length

Once you have decided what your desired length is take the scissors and begin to cut the tulle into strands. Try to stay as straight as you can when you are cutting your tulle though if you do mess up some you wont be able to tell because of all the tulle on your skirt.

Step 7: Select Where You Would Like to Begin

Pick a place that you would like to begin on your ribbon or band. Remember there is not a specific place you have to begin at, just make sure that if you are doing multiple colors in a specific pattern you don't end up with the same tulle next to each other.

Step 8: Preparing Your Tulle to Be Added to Your Ribbon

Fold your piece of tulle over so it looks like there are two pieces, there will be a looped end and at the opposite end there will be two stray strands.

Step 9: Placing Your Tulle Around Your Band

First you will need to get your band to stay in place while you attach the tulle, you can do this by stretching the band around the back of a chair. Then you will pull the piece of tulle around ribbon or through your band. If you are using a ribbon you will need to hold it to the ribbon while your tying it however, if your using a band you should be able to stick in through a loop and leave it there.

Step 10: How to Secure Your Piece of Tulle

Tightly pull your piece of tulle so that it will stay attached to your ribbon or the band that you have chosen.

Step 11: How to Make Your Skirt Full and Unique

One way to make your skirt fuller is to add multiple layers of tulle as you continue to make your skirt. These multiple layers will allow your skirt to be fuller. Once your skirt is all done you can personalize your skirt to make it more unique. You can do this by cutting the end pieces of tulle in to a design. You can cut these ends in triangles, in slants or whatever design you would like your skirt to have.

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