Introduction: How to Make a Two Dimensional Pinata

How to Make a Pinata from Cardboard in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: ​Tools


Cardboard Strips


Scissors/ Box Cutter



Step 2: Custom Shape

Draw Pinata Shape on Cardboard

Step 3: Cut Out

Cut Out Two Identical Pieces of your Shape

Step 4: Tape Edges Together

Tape on Long strips of flexible cardboard around the edges of your cut-out cardboard shapes.

**Strip can be made from flimsy cardboard from old cereal boxes etc or even posterboard. Any kind of thick card stock paper material as well**

Step 5: Trap Door

Cut hole on your pinata to be able to reach inside and for items/candy

Step 6: Hanging

Then pierce hole for twine and pull twine through. Tie a knot/anchor for hanging!

Step 7: Complete

Enjoy. Ask us for help if needed!