Introduction: How to Make a UV Sanitation Box

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In this project, we would be hacking a UV Nail curing box and turn it into a UV Sanitation box. Covid 19 is a pandemic spreading throughout the world, health system have been compromise and are in Need of PPEs. Reusing PPEs instead of buying new ones are ideal and is practical at times like this with consideration on safety and health concerns.

Step 1: Setup You Container

The container needs to be coverage with foil to utilize the UV light inside the box. Fill out all spaces and seal.

Step 2: Setting Up the Code

Ideally what we want to to do is to activate the relay to turn on and add indicators lights in it. We add the two indicators lights, 1 for startup and 1 for ending of the system. we set the system to be on for 5 minutes. We added a passive buzzer for alarm

14 - LED RED


16 - Buzzer

3 - Relay

Step 3: Testing UV Lamps

We need to test the lamps if its covered all of the parts of the box . Please wear proper protective equipment in handling UV lights

Step 4: The Circuit

Note that I used a relay block here but it is much easier to use relay module. You can see how it is coded in the previous step.

Step 5: Test and Done

In this video, I showed that it runs for a 5 seconds timer. we can adjust this to 5 minutes so that we can reach a minimum temperature of 28 Celsius and fully sanitize the PPEs with the UV light,