How to Make a Valentine Candle Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Valentine Candle Holder

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If you need a simple yet attractive Valentine gift for your sweetheart, here is something that is cute and easy, a Valentine jar to hold a tea light candle (or their favorite chocolates).

Step 1:

An empty jar (surely there is one in your house somewhere)
3 complimentary colors of paint (I used hot colors with some glow in the dark paint          thrown in)
Old tooth brush or sea sponge
Tea light candle (I have a neat battery operated one left over from Christmas)
Paper/foam plate for paint palette

Step 2:

Wash and dry your jar.

Cut a heart ( you choose size and style) out of vinyl and put the heart on the jar.

Step 3:

Mix your first color of paint with the glow in the dark paint (50-50).

Step 4:

Using the tooth brush pick up some paint on the bristles and using your thumb, flick the paint on to the jar. (This method kind of worked for me) or using the sea sponge, dip it in the paint and after blotting off some of the paint, dap it all over the jar, including on the heart (this worked a lot better).  Let the paint dry.

Step 5:

Repeat with the above step with the 2nd color, then the 3rd color.

Step 6:

Remove the vinyl and you will have a painted jar with a clear heart in the center.

Step 7:

Place the tea light on the jar and light it.  If it is battery operated, turn it on and then put it in the jar.

Attach a tag that says something like, “You are the light of My Life” and you have a nice little Valentine for your sweetheart.  Enjoy!

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