How to Make a Vintage-Looking Horse Pen in Minecraft




Introduction: How to Make a Vintage-Looking Horse Pen in Minecraft

Ever wanted to have a cool looking horse pen? Here you go!

Step 1: Foundation

First just to help you know where your house is going to be and if it will fit or not, create a 8x12 outline of where you want your house to be out of any material you wish. Then in each of the corners make 4 high pillars made of dark oak wood.

Step 2: Decoration (Part 1)

Now you want to copy this design made out of red stained clay.

Step 3: Decoration (Part 2)

Then fill in these parts with spruce wood planks.

Step 4: Decoration (Part 3)

Then fill in this design on the other two sides. In my case, I decided to make both of the sides exactly the same.

Step 5: Roofing (Part 1)

Copy this style of roofing out of dark oak slabs.

Step 6: Roofing (Part 2)

Make this design out of dark oak stairs and sorry if this is taking a while but you're almost done!

Step 7: Roofing (Part 3) and Finished!

Fill in the tippy top of the roof to finish off this wonderful creation of your's! Make sure your copy this directly or it might not look as good. Thank you for looking through this tutorial and make sure to favorite comment and make suggestions! Enjoy your horse pen! :)

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4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! I think it's great that students like you are sharing your minecraft tutorials.


4 years ago

Sir... This is not the place for this type of material
I know it looks kinda fun but this is a place where people share there diy projects ont minecraft sorry dude


Reply 4 years ago

Omg u rude u don't know instructables theres a whole section 4 minecraft btw


4 years ago

Eh.. Not great. Walls are a bit flat. Roof is alright but could be improved. Sorry. It's just a bit average.