Introduction: How to Make a Voltage Regulator 2000 Watts


Dimmers - electronic load power regulators are widely used in industry and everyday life to smoothly control the rotation speed of electric motors, fan speed, heating elements of heating elements, the intensity of lighting of rooms with electric lamps, setting the required welding current, adjusting the charging current of batteries, etc. It can be used to change within a small range of revolutions of a drill, grinder, drilling machine.

Dimmers are built into the control unit and power supply of various household appliances and tools.

Step 1: In These Instructions I Will Show and Tell You How to Make a Voltage Regulator.

Step 2: First We Need to Design a Circuit Board.

This can be done in various programs, I used easyeda . Even a novice can handle this program. After that we will order the production of printed circuit boards from this company.

Step 3: Now We Go to the Site and Load the Finished Gerber File.

This site is very reliable and makes quality products, and is very fast and inexpensive.

Step 4: After 4 Days, I Received the Package. in It Were 5 Printed Circuit Boards, the Highest Quality.

Step 5: We Collect All the Needed Components and Soon Begin to Assemble!

The list of components is presented below:
Resistor - B500K
Resistor 100R
C1 . 0.1 uF
C2 0.1 uF
Baoter 3296
Transistor BTA16 600B

If you do not understand something. Watch the video, there are more detailed displays.

Step 6: After We Soldered All the Details, Our Product Can Be Tested.

Step 7: TEST! Be Careful and Follow the Safety Instructions 230 V !!

Connect this unit to a lamp or household appliance in series, then turn the knob to adjust brightness, speed, voltage, temperature.