Introduction: How to Make a Wire Tree

I decided to try and recreate the wire trees I have seen at a bunch of art festivals, and after a bit of searching around I found this method.

Step 1: Materials

* Fil Metallique Colored Floral Wire, you can purchase in the floral department of just about any craft store such as Michaels.

* Drill 
* 2 needle nose pliers
* Pencil
* Wire cutters

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

I decided to start off small and make a mini tree instead of a full size one.
So the first thing you do is cut 12 one and a half foot long pieces of wire then put the end of the wires together like so. Then use the pliers to spin the ends of the wires together

Step 3: Spinning the Wire

Put the end of the wire you just twisted into the drill and tighten it and make sure no wires are loose. Then use the pliers to clamp on to the other end of the wires, leaving in inch. Then hold the wires with pliers very tight and slowly turn on the drill till it looks something like this.

Step 4: Make a Loop With the Wire

Bend the wire at half way and place the 2 ends into the drill like so. Then place a pencil at the end to hold it steady, then slowly spin it till it looks like the 3rd pic.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 and 3

Repeat steps 2 and 3 till you have and identical twisted wire

Step 6: Twist the 2 Wires Together

Hold the 2 wires together and put the ends without the loops inside of the drill and tighten. Then clamp the pliers to the loops and turn on the drill slowly, when done take out the wires and unwind the bottom.

Step 7: Cut the Loops

Cut the end middle of the loops. The unwind the tops and make the wires so they look like a tree top. And then do the same to the bottom to make it into roots.

Step 8: Finished Products

Here is my three of my favorites.