Beginner How to Make a Wire Wrapped Teardrop Shaped Pendant




Introduction: Beginner How to Make a Wire Wrapped Teardrop Shaped Pendant

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This is a step-by-step instructable on how to make a wire wrapped teardrop shaped pendant.


You will need:

- 20 gauge wire (a 12-inch length and a 10-inch length)

- Chain nose pliers

- Round nose pliers

- Wire cutters

- A teardrop shaped stone (about 1 inch long)

Step 1: Cut Your Lengths of Wire

Cut a 12-inch piece of 20 gauge wire and a 10-inch piece of wire.

Step 2: Make a Loop

Using the round-nose pliers, make a loop at the tip of the 12-inch piece of wire, taking care that no end bits are sticking out, and bend the rest of the wire at a ninety-degree angle at the bottom of the loop.

Step 3: Wrap Around the Stone

Wrap the wire twice around the stone, then wrap loops across the top of the pendant, below the bail.

Step 4: Wrap Loops Around the Bottom of the Pendant

Wrap around the stone down one side and make loops near the bottom of the pendant, going horizontally towards the other side. You can wrap however many times you want, but this will help hold your stone in place.

Step 5: Wrap Loops Around the Top of the Pendant

Make the wire go up the other side of the pendant (not the one you started) and wrap more loops around the bail.

Step 6: Another Wire

Put your stone in the hole. Take the 10-inch piece of wire, a few inches out, and stick it horizontally on the top of the stone.

Step 7: Wrapping

Wrap the right side of the piece of wire (the longer side) around the back of the pendant and diagonally down over the front to the bottom loops, then across the lower back of the stone.

Step 8: Loop-de-loops

Stick the end of the wire through the three frame wires and out across the back again, going slightly up to the other side; wrap three loops around the three wires there and cut the wire.

Step 9: More Wraps

Take the left side of the top loop (the wire that's sticking out) and wrap diagonally down from the top right corner to the bottom left corner, then go up across the middle of the back and wrap loops around the frame wires there, right next to where you wrapped them one step ago. Cut the wire.

Step 10: Finishing Up

Check to see that the stone is sturdy. If it's not, tighten the wires or bring one of the frame wires slightly across the front or back. You're done!

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    2 years ago

    This wrap is really pretty! Nice stone choice, too!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much!