Introduction: How to Make a Wood Clock

This instructable will show you how to make a nice wood clock to hang on the wall. These steps will help you make one too.
Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Materials Used


1. Double A Battery

2. Clock Kit from Joann Fabrics (comes with numbers, movement motor, and clock hands)

3. A Piece of Wood from Hobby Lobby

4. Keyhole Hanger

Step 2: Find the Diameter of the Wood

Find the diameter of the wood and place a dot on the center.

Step 3: Place the Clock Movement Motor's Tip on the Point

Placing the tip of the motor on the center of the wood, trace the motor so it gives you the outline of the wood you will eventually need to chisel out.

Step 4: Make Sure the Outline Is Measured Correctly

Having traced the motor on the wood, measure the four sides against the outer edge of the wood to ensure it is centered.

Step 5: Drill Multiple Holes Within the Outline

Using a drill bit, drill numerous holes with caution not to drill too deep.

Step 6: Chisel Out the Wood Within the Outline

Using a chisel and a hammer, carve out the wood within the outline.

Step 7: Keep on Chiseling

Continue chiseling until all the material is out and deep enough to accommodate the motor.

Step 8: Drill the Center Hole

Measure diagonally off the four corners to find the location for the center hole. This hole will accommodate the clock motor shaft. Then, drill the hole.

Step 9: Sand the Clock Face

Using a palm sander and light sand paper, sand the clock face to make it smooth.

Step 10: Clean the Well for the Clock Motor

Using a chisel, clean the well and measure it to ensure correct depth within all points.

Step 11: Insert Motor

Insert the motor into the well with the shaft going through the hole. Install a double A battery into the motor.

Step 12: Trace the Clock Outline

Using a circular template, trace an outline for the clock numbers.

Step 13: Install Clock Hands

Install the hour hand first, than the minute hand, and finally the second hand.

Step 14: Place Numbers on the Clock Face

Place the numbers on the outline. Ensure the numbers are centered equally.

Step 15: Ensure Correct Hour/Minute Hand Alignment With the Numbers

With a finger, spin the minute hand for a full twelve hours to ensure the hour hand points correctly to the number

Step 16: Install Keyhole Hanger

On the back of the clock, measure a centered line for installation of the keyhole hanger. Attach with two small screws.

Step 17: Done

You have now completed your clock. You can hang it up on the wall or whatever you would like to do with it.