Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Art Cart

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DIY Wooden Art Cart

Create a convenient Art Cart to keep all your materials organized in one location!

If you're an artist looking for a special workspace with all your materials conveniently stored, you've found the perfect solution. This step-by-step DIY guide demonstrates how to build a wooden art cart. Patience is key, as precise measuring and cutting are required, but the end results are truly impressive! The art cart is equipped with wheels and can be easily disassembled, allowing for the removal of the water dispenser or cardboard section if desired.

The dimensions of this wooden art cart are 23 inches in width and 29 inches in height, but feel free to customize it according to your preferences using the provided free 3D design. Enhance its appearance with a flawless finish using varnish.

Perfect for: Any family member who is an artist, maker, or creator with a great amount of materials.

Embark on this new woodworking project that will bring organization to your creative space! Let's get started!


  • 6 1'' x 2'' Lumber - 27" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 2'' Lumber - 29.75" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 6 1'' x 2'' Lumber - 22" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 3'' Lumber - 34" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 15 3/4'' x 6'' Lumber - 22" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 15" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 3 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 11.5" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 1 3/4'' x 6'' Lumber - 13.5" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 8" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 6" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 6.5" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 4 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 7" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 1 3/4'' x 6'' Lumber - 27.5" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1'' x 1'' Lumber - 27.5" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 4 1'' x 4'' Lumber - 20.25" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 14 1'' x 2'' Lumber - 20.25" Length Wood - Lumber
  • 2 1/2" Flange Black Steel Metal - Black Steel
  • 2 2¨ Rigid Plate Caster Wheel Accessory - Mixed
  • 2 2¨ Swivel Plate Caster Wheel Accessory - Mixed
  • 1 1/2" Nipple Black Steel - 21.6" Length Metal - Black Steel

Step 1: Constructing the Primary Foundations of the Art Cart

Let's start with the primary structure. Carefully measure and use an electric saw to cut all the necessary lumber for the three bases. Embrace the process with patience, we assure you that you'll be pleased with the results!

For this stage, gather 1”x1”, 1”x2", 1”x3”, 1”x4”, and ¾” x 6" lumber. Consult your part list to determine the precise measurements for each lumber.

Begin by assembling the main frame using 1"x2" lumber with a length of 22". Create three of these frames, securing them with either 1.5" nails or using a drill and screws. Once the three frames are complete, focus on initiating the first base, which will function as a table.

To construct the table, use 5 3/4 " x 6" lumber with a length of 22". Ensure there is no space between the 3/4 " x 6" lumber. Employ a wood planer and sand the surface for a flawless finish. We recommend applying glue and positioning the nails before affixing the lumber to the frame, making the process easier and faster.

The middle and lower frames will have gaps. Use four 3/4 " x 6" lumber with a length of 22" for each frame. Place them evenly and mark the main frame, ensuring accurate placement for subsequent nailing.

Upon completing the final nailing, the three bases should resemble the image provided above.

Step 2: Constructing the Paper Holder

Now, let's proceed with the paper holder section, beginning with the box frame. Gather two 1"x 1" pieces with a length of 27.5", two 3/4 " x 6" pieces with a length of 22", and one 3/4 " x 6" piece with a length of 25.7".

Nail the 1"x1" lumbers to the two 3/4 " x 6" pieces with a length of 22" on the sides of your box. The 3/4 " x 6" piece with a length of 25.7" will serve as the base. Once the box structure is in place, measure and cut the lumber that will be positioned in between.

Carefully measure your 1"x2" lumber with a length of 20.25" and your 1"x4" lumber of the same specified length. Ensure their ends are straight by sanding them. Place them evenly on the main structure of the box, measuring and marking with a pencil where each piece will be located. We suggest to use glue on each end and secure them with 1.5-inch nails. If the wood is too tight, drilling and screws can be a great solution.

This process may take some time, so be patience; I assure you the result will be impressive.

Once done, it should resemble the image provided above.

Step 3: Creating the Water Dispenser Section

Let's start the construction of the water dispenser section. For this phase, we'll be utilizing 1"x1" lumber and a 3/4 " x 6" piece.

After measuring and cutting all the lumber, it's advisable to sand the edges to ensure they are smooth and perfect for assembly. Always prioritize safety by wearing glasses and gloves to protect your eyes and hands.

The backrest for this section comprises two 1x1" pieces, each with a length of 15", and a middle piece measuring 11.5" in length. Proceed to nail the 3/4 " x 6" lumber to the base.

The front structure of the water dispenser involves two 1"x1" pieces, each with a length of 8", and an additional 1"x1" piece with a length of 11.5" in the middle. Once this basic structure is nailed, incorporating the 6" long lumber on the sides, it should resemble the image above.

Ensure that all your 1x1s are evenly placed and give them a smooth finish by sanding. Similar to the previous steps, you can either nail or screw each piece of lumber to the base.

Step 4: Assembling the Cart

Next, we will assemble the three bases using 1"x3" lumber for the handle placement and 1"x2" lumber for the front of the art cart.

To facilitate disassembly, we opted for drilling and using T-Nuts at this stage. The cart is then assembled using an allen key.

While this process may take a bit of time, consider the convenience of transportation, especially if you ever need to transport it in a car – you'll appreciate making this decision today!

Proceed to drill the water dispenser section onto the front of the cart and attach the paper holder to the side using 1”x2" and 1”x3" lumber.

Upon completion, your cart should resemble the image provided above.

Step 5: The Ideal Wooden Art Cart Finish

Additional suggestions for you: Customize your handle to be either straight or rounded based on your personal preference. Enhance the appearance of your preferred wood by applying varnish; in our case, oak was used.

For the wheels, consider using two fixed wheels and allowing the front wheels to rotate independently. This configuration ensures smoother and more consistent movement for your cart.

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Step 6: Design Your Own Art Cart

If you want to make any adjustments to this Wooden Art Cart, remember you can always visit our design app for DIYers and create your own project for Wood, PVC, Aluminum, or T-Slot Aluminum.

Is there any design you would like to see? Please leave us a comment.

Thank you for reading and watching the video!