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Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Box Joint Box

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In this video I'm going to show you how to make a wooden box with box joints. However, there is a twist. Most boxes use hinges or a sliding lid, this box opens in a unique way you won't usually see. But you’re going to need to watch the video to see what that is!

I’ll show you how to cut the frame, cut box joints, use wood glue to glue the frame together, build the top and bottom assembly and finally, apply finish.

Most of the work was done on my DeWalt table saw with the help of my box joint jig and my cross cut sled. Links below.

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Table saw w/ box joint jig and cross cut sled (videos to build them on my channel)

Drill and drill bits


Orbital Sander

Brad nailer

Dado blade set


1x6 pine board

Wood Glue

Wood filler

Brad nails

Step 1: Cut Frame to Size

Decide how big you want to make your box and cut the1x6 pieces to size.

Step 2: Cut Box Joints

Install your dado set and get out your box joint jig. Now cut all your box joints in all four frame pieces.

Step 3: Dry Fit Frame

Assemble the frame with no glue just to make sure all the joints are cut properly.

Step 4: Make Corner Supports

Now reinstall your standard table saw blade and cut 4 corner pieces to keep the box square but also to stop the lid mechanism when fully opened and closed.

Step 5: Assemble Frame

Apply glue to the box joint ends making sure to get glue on all edges of the joints. Now assemble the box together. Make sure everything is fully seated and square. Now clamp in the corner pieces. Use a scrap piece of the lid material to space the supports from the top. The supports should hold the lid flush with the top of the frame.

Step 6: Build Top/bottom Assembly

Cut top and bottom pieces that fit nicely but but still slide freely. Now cut two pieces for either side of the box that connect the top on bottom. They will need to be narrow enough to fit in between the corner pieces install earlier. Test fit all pieces.

Now drill a finger hole in the top piece. I used a 1" forstner bit. Now glue and brad nail the components so when they are assembled, the top/bottom assembly can slide up and down to open the box. The top and bottom should be flush with the frame and the assembly should stop in the opened and closed position on the corner pieces.

Sink all brad nails just below the surface.

Step 7: Apply Finishing

Fill all small holes with wood filler. Then sand with 80, 120 and 220 grit sand paper until its all perfectly smooth. Finally, wax the entire box and the mechanism with paste wax. Test for smooth operation.

If you like this concept but want a different size box, you can scale it up and down.

Enjoy your cool little box for storing small things.

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    8 days ago

    You could put colored glass or opaque panels and a servo motor and make it a push button pop up lamp. Use LEDs and the circuit to turn them on could be completed with contacts that touch once it fully opens. when you push the button to lower it the contacts separate and the light goes off as the slide lid descends back into the box. Rather than a hole in the top, it could have the name of the recipient engraved into it. Nice table saw slides by the way.


    Reply 8 days ago

    That's a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


    8 days ago on Step 7

    nice project....but need a little more "outside the box" thinking....pretty simple and many videos on this type box.....especially for liquor or wine gifts.....sorry.....


    Reply 8 days ago

    Great feedback. Like you said there is a lot of this out there so it's hard to have a totally unique idea. I wanted it to open in a unique way. I haven't seen this opening style yet but I'm sure someone has done it. Thanks for checking out my Instructable!