Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Hair Stick

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so i found this DIY a year ago, and forgot about it, so when i continued to do it, i was just guessing how now. but it came out pretty good, so ill show how i did it

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

so you first need to make sure you have what you need which is only two things, pocket knife and a think short stick. It might take a bit of hunting till you find the perfect stick

Step 2: Whittle It

your going to want to remove the bark and any knots. so start to whittle it. you may need to use the little saw in the pocket knife to get rid of knocks and cut the ends of the stick to be flat. Once you've gotten all the bark off, whittle the ends a bit, makeing on more sharp than the other. ( note: they dont have to be sharp. they can be as big or small ends as you want. ) Once that is done, add design of choice, i did 3 indented lines, using the saw. But you can do what ever you want