Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Lamp (from Easel)

When I found these broken easels in a studio, I came up with the idea that changing them into a unique wooden lamp. After searching for some many excellent references, I drafted this lever-shaped lamp, now let's check out how to make it :D

Step 1: Cut & File

Cut the wood in different lengths that you need, then file the corner.

Step 2: Assembly

Drill a hole for each "joint", here I use screws with wing nuts(also obtained from the broken easels) to connect pieces. My little wooden lamp would have 4 joints, so it can move pretty flexible!

Step 3: Circuit

When the wooden frame was finished, it's time to move to the circuit, I chose a 7W LED, wire in red&black, a vintage-looking switch and a plug from the electronic wholesale market and connected them together.

What's more interesting is that I hid the metal part of the switch inside the pre-chiselled groove of the cylindrical base and then covered it with a piece of leather, which made it both unique and safe.

[TIPS]If you would like to learn more about circuits of lamps, I strongly suggest Lamps Classes by Paige Russell, it's helpful, full of fun and inspiration!

Step 4: Lampshape

Now it's time to make the wooden lamp a beautiful lampshade, there're loads of materials to choose, like plastic, paper, fabric etc. But here I chose this orange veg-tanned leather, for I really love the way it echos with the darker stripes on the wood, and together they give out a really warm feeling :)

Step 5: Some More Details

[1] For each joint, I added a spring washer between the wing nut and the wood, which helps create a proper pressure that balances the flexibility and stability well. (In other words, the lamp can be adjusted to any angles/positions easily)

[2] To better fix the wire ,I made 2 tiny leather straps and nailed them on the longest wooden arm, details always worth the relish, nope?

Step 6: Lights ON!

WOW! It's worth the effort when the light's on! Now the wooden lamp has become a good companion with the tool wall, I feel nice and warm when working here~

Step 7:

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