Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy Panda

By Luis

First the materials you will need too make this wooden toy panda are the following:Router,band saw,miter saw,a piece of wood that fits all around your toy template,mat board,sandpaper,paint,axles,wheels. The machines are shown above as well as the sandpaper.

Step 1: Step 1:Your Template

First you will go on google and find a side view of a panda as shown above. Then you will need to trace a bigger version so you can shape it before you go to the band saw. Then you will cut out your paper template and go get mat board and trace it onto the mat board and cut it out with scissors. Then once you have your template draw where you are going too drill press your wholes on the mat board template . MAKE SURE TO ENLARGE YOUR ANIMAL SO THAT WAY IT DOES NOT BREAK.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting With Band-saw Also Painting Plan

After you have traced it you will need to cut it out. The miter saw does not work well it very dangerous so do not use it. Use the band saw this helps more because you will be able to make sharper and better cuts. when cuting try too get rid of the excess wood so it is easier too cut like the corners of the wood.After you have cut it drill press your holes and round out your toy. then sand your toy you don't want it too be rough so smoothen it out as best as possible.

Step 3: Step 3: Painting and Wheels

After you have cut it get a clean piece of printer paper and trace your toy on it. once you have traced it then get colored pencils and figure out how you want to paint it as shown above do not paint the whole toy you want people to see the wood still.Then once you have figured out how you want too paint it go ahead and paint. Once you finish painting and it dries you will then get your axles,wheels and glue then you will take your axle too see if it fits then if it does put the wheels in the toy without glue and see if it rolls. If it does then you will put glue in the hole then quickly put your axle and wheel in and twist it. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WHEEL DOES NOT STICK TO THE TOY!!!