How to Make a Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle/Bug

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle/Bug

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Hello everyone!

In this Instructable I will show you how you can make a wooden toy Volkswagen Bug/Beetle! It's a beautiful gift for a friend who loves VW, or for yourself!

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Tools I used:

- Jointer/planer

- Tablesaw

- Bandsaw

- Scroll saw

- Sander

- Drill press

Materials I used:

- Wood glue

- Superglue

- Clamps

Step 1: Preparing All the Layers

Picture 1: The dimensions that you'll need for the Volkswagen Beetle are:

- 2 x 6mm (outside layers)

- 2 x 20mm (layer of the seats)

- 1 x 13mm (middle piece)

Transfer the patterns onto your lumber. You can cut two pieces at the same time by using double-sided tape. Cut out all your layers on the bandsaw or scroll saw.

Picture 2: Clean up all your cuts with the dremel.

Picture 3: Drill a small hole to cut out the windows on the scroll saw.

Picture 4: Sand the front seats smooth.

Step 2: The Glue-up

Picture 1: Glue the three middle layers together.

Picture 2: I made a small mistake in my design. Glue in a small piece of 4mm plywood to close the car trunk on each side.
Glue on a small piece of wood to attach the steering wheel. Glue in the steering wheel.

Picture 3: Drill 7mm holes for the axles.

Picture 4: Glue on the sides. Always use enough clamps.

Picture 5: Use the bandsaw to clean up the beetle and sand everything smooth.

Step 3: Top View of the Beetle

Picture 1: Draw your lines to give the beetle some more shape like a real beetle! Cut it out on the bandsaw.

Picture 2: Make sure you don't cut to far into the axleholes.

Picture 3: Let's make the mudguards. Transfer the sideprofile, the thickness of the mudguards is 22mm thick. Cut out the top view of the mudguards on the bandsaw, make sure they fit onto the beetle.

Picture 4: Let's cut out the side profile of the mudguards on the bandsaw. Support the piece with your hand while you are cutting. But be careful!

Picture 5: Indicate where your mudguards will go. Round over the rest of the beetle untill you have the desired shape.

Picture 6: Glue the mudguards to the body. When the glue has dried you can round over the mudguards with the dremel.

Step 4: The Details

Picture 1: I wet a small strip of wood so I could bend it over the bonnet. I attached it temprarily with tape to hold the shape until it dried. I'm using super glue to glue it to the body.

Picture 2: For the roof you'll need: 80mm long x 7mm thick lumber. You'll get the best results for the width when you measure it when your car is put together.

Picture 3: Cut away the rest of the roof on the bandsaw. Then sand the roof completely smooth.

Picture 4: For the bumpers you'll need 6mm thick lumber. Draw a rectangle of 80mm by 7mm. Draw a bumper in this rectangle. Cut it out on the bandsaw, one for the front and one for the back. Glue them on the body.

Picture 5: For the headlights I use a plug cutter of 13mm. Use the bandsaw to release them. Sand them smooth and glue them onto the front.

Picture 6: Use some darker wood for the rear lights. Use double-sided tape to stick them together.

Picture 7: For the mirror you'll need 4mm thick wood. Cut out a mirrorshape you like for the beetle, My mirror has turned out a little too big. Drill a 4mm hole and glue the mirror in place.

Picture 8: For my wheels I'm using an old skateboard, but you can just use regular wood. My wheels have a diameter of 32mm. Glue on the wheels (6mm dowel) and your Volkswagen Beetle is ready to hit the road! Finish with Mineral Oil.

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Thank you!

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