Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy Truck

This wooden truck is so much fun to build and play with. It uses a few different types of wood for contrast, is durable and the instructable can be easily amended to make a few different truck types.


1. Wood! I've used pine for the body, oak dowel for the tyres and MDF for the box. You'll also need thin dowel for the axles.

Body: Pine - A piece 200mm x 300mm is plenty

Box: Mdf - A piece about 300mm x 300mm should do

Wheels: 35mm dowel (or you can purchase wheels)

Axle: 6mm dowel


1. Bandsaw or Scroll saw

2. Drill press

3. Wood Glue

4. Spray Adhesive

5. Sandpaper

6. Paint/Stain/Lacquer - your preference

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Step 1: Cut the Pine Board and Glue

I wanted the body of my truck to be quite thick so the first thing I did was cut the pine in half and glue it together.

To make sure glue has a very strong hold I spread it out with my finger so it covers as much surface area as possible. I then clamped it and left it for an hour to set. Most glues will be workable within the hour, but take 24 hours to harden. Make sure you read the instructions on the glue though!

Step 2: Create a Template, Stick It to the Pine and Cut It Using a Scroll or Band Saw

I printed off a very simple picture of a truck, cut around the body and used spray adhesive to stick it to the pine. I then cut around it using a scroll saw (you can also use a bandsaw). I then cleaned it up with sandpaper.

As you can see, it's quite thick so go slow with the saw you're using.

Step 3: Cutting the Truck Box

I used 10mm MDF to make the truck box.

You'll need to cut the following using a table saw or band saw:

Top and Bottom of Box: 130mm x 85mm - Make 2

Box Sides: 130mm x 60mm - Make 2

Box Front: 60mm x 65mm - Make 1

Note, if your MDF/wood is thicker or thinner you'll need to adjust your measurements.

At this point you should paint or stain the component parts. I used a stain as it is easy to apply, dries quickly and I had it handy!

Step 4: Gluing the Truck Box

Apply the glue to the sides and glue them to the bottom first. Use the back and lid of the box to allow you to easily clamp together. Once the glue has hardened, glue the back, clamp and then glue the top and clamp. Allow to harden.

Note: make sure you wipe up any excess glue!

Step 5: Wheels and Axles

Making wheels can be frustrating and difficult. You need to cut 6 10mm slices of dowel, find the centre and drill a hole for the axle.

I did it in this order

  1. Set up the band saw fence to 10mm
  2. Cut 6 slices of the dowel
  3. Using a ruler and pencil, I drew a line down the thickest part of the dowel, Turned it 90 degrees and drew another line exactly halfway through the first line.
  4. Drill a 6mm hole where the lines intersect
  5. Sand the wheel to smooth
  6. If you're planning on painting the wheels, do so now.

Personally, I much prefer to purchase wheels. They're cheap, uniform and easy to use.

Next you need to cut the axle. The length of your axle will be the thickness of the truck body, plus 2 x the thickness of your tyres, plus a millimeter or two so there's room for movement. If the wheels are held too tightly they wont move freely.

Paint the tip of your axle if you're planning to.

Step 6: Axles and Attaching the Tyres

Using the drill press, drill holes into your truck body where the axles will go. I used 6mm dowel so drilled 6.5mm holes for ease of movement.

Attach the first wheel to your dowel with wood glue. Wait 30 minutes so it hardens, then push through the truck body and attach the other wheel. Go easy with the glue so the wheel doesn't stick to the truck. Hold for 30 seconds and rotate very gently so the wheel doesn't stick to the truck. Periodically rotate the wheel over the next 10 minutes while the glue hardens. Most glue will be firm in 30 minutes but will take 24 hours to fully harden.

Step 7: Attach the Box to the Truck Body

Using the same gluing process, attach the box to the truck body. Make sure to check the back of the truck to ensure its even!

Leave for 24 hours to dry and you're done!

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