Introduction: How to Make a Yogurt Parfait #HMS2020

hello everyone! today I will be teaching you how to make a yummy yogurt parfait. you will need just a few ingredients and some tools to get this desert/breakfast tasty. but make sure to wash your hands first. get ready to make this very tasty yogurt parfait.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies


  • any vanilla yogurt ( 2 cups)
  • spoon
  • cup/bowl
  • water to wash your fruit
  • granola
  • berries

Step 2: Pour Your Yogurt Into the Bowl

After you have gathered all of your supplies you can start your second step. First you want to to start off by pouring half of the yogurt into your bowl. Then you want to spread out the yogurt using your spoon. After you have done that you are done with the second step but make sure to save some yogurt for later. get ready for step three.

Step 3: Put in Your Berries

Now that you have finished step two. Now you want to put in your berries. But first make sure you wash your berries first in cold water. The berries I am using are strawberries and blue berries. Now, you can either wash the berries together or separate but I prefer together. After you washed your berries you want to cut the strawberries in half just so you can layer the other toppings. Good job now you have finished step three.

Step 4: Now Add Your Granola

Good job! You finished step three now you want to put in your favorite granola. But if you don't like granola then you don't have to put any. The way I am putting my granola on is by putting the granola on top of the berries. But make sure to put not to much, but put enough to where you feel like its enough. Now that you have done that you want to go ahead and put the remaining yogurt that you have from step two in. If you don't have enough you can add half of the second cup of yogurt in. After you did that you can smooth out the yogurt using your spoon. Alright now the last step.

Step 5: Last Step

Wow you made it to the last step! Previously you put in the the last layer of yogurt in. Now you just want to repeat the process my adding a few berries on top. Then you want to put in some granola to finish up the beautiful masterpiece. And voila you have made a yogurt parfait, now you can enjoy by eating. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you.

Step 6: Conclusion

After making my yogurt parfait thought that i could make some more changes. The changes that i would probably make is by not putting so much yogurt in or in other words i could of put not as much ingredients as i did. So if i where to do that i think i would probably be able to finish my yogurt parfait. Another thing that i would do is change the blueberries to black berries because it more of a preference for me.I really enjoyed making this and i hope you will to.