Introduction: How to Make a Your Own Glass Pipette

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I want to use chemicals... wait, I don't have pipette!

time to handle a medium amount chemicals.

I want to use pipette for transfer it. but I don't have a pipette.

the solution is... LET'S MAKE A PIPETTE!

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Cautions


  • 15 cm length φ15 Soda-lime glass tubing
    (you can use borosilicate glass (pyrex) if you have oxy-propane torch.)
  • Laboratory pipette dropper cap

    (or 30 cm length Silicone tube, inside diameter is 5 mm)


  • Gas torch
  • Metal file
  • Safety glasses (Glass may crack and splash.)


Caution of burning:
Glass is low thermal conductivity, it keeps high temperature for few minutes even after stopping heating.

Caution of injury:
Glass breaks into sharp fragments and splash. please wear protective glasses and please work in a place that easy to clean.

Caution of fire:
will use a fire. Please do not place inflammable objects nearby.

Caution of accidental ingestion:
When using silicone tube instead of pipette dropper cap, please pay attention to accidental ingestion of chemicals. Also, please do not use dangerous chemicals (e.g. toluene, sulfic acid and sodium hydroxide) when using silicone tube.

Step 2: Glass Work

I don't write text of about glass work. because it would take forever...

but I made a video. please watch it, video is better way to understand than text.

Step 3: Done!

With this I can use chemicals!

If you change the strength of pull the melting glass, you can make a thinner / thicker the tip.
Besides, you can make a pipette for each purpose, such as bending the tip, making it larger capacity, etc.