Introduction: How to Make a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk

Okay, this is my instructable on how to make a cruddy (but working!) Duel disk that you can personalize!

I got the idea from looking at cardboard and wantng a duel disk. I figured, waht the heck, and from there I just put the pieces together.

My computer has no way to upload pictures so I had to make everything on paint for examples.You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

So you're going to need the following:

~ Cardboard (And lots of it!)
~ Paint
~ Small calculator
~ String or Velcro (To fix this to your arm)

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Cut the cardboard as you see in the last step. Use several pieces if needbe.

In other words:
~ One long rectangel that yu can place 5 cards on
~ 15 small and thin rectangels
~ One half cirlce that will cover your arm with space to spare
~ One deck box with a door in the front (or as it gets smaller from drawing the deck falls)
~ Cut the velcro so that it will go around your arm and have space to stick to the disk


yes this is the time to paint if you are to paint it! Do it afterwords and the results could be messy! Paint each piece in all colors you want. Stripes, ploka dots, plaid, solid I don't care!

Step 4: Piece This Together!

So now you probably have some questions about the design.
These pictures should help if you do them in order.

Step 5: Done!

After you attatch the velcro or stiring and box, you're done!