Introduction: How to Make a "smartphone Stand"

Hello. I made a camera stand that is useful for web meetings at home. I draw when I have a web conference. I draw the picture and have it online. By drawing in real time, you can easily communicate to the other party. And you can entertain the other side of the earth. Let's make a camera stand!

Step 1: First Draw a Picture.

First draw a picture. You can easily draw while watching it on YouTube!

Step 2: Prepare Materials and Tools.

1.Square lumber

2.Veneer board

3. Screw

4. Drill

5. Electric screwdriver

6. Electric saw

Step 3: Cut the Material and Assemble.

When cutting the material, concentrate cutting. Never cut while watching YouTube. You should wear a mask when you are distracted. This is because if you inhale wood chips, you will have rhinitis and your stuffy nose will make you sleep short tomorrow. That's a joke, but the most important thing is to make it fun!

Step 4: Try Using the Camera Stand.

There are apps that can be used as a web camera for smartphones. First, download it. The app is "EpocCam". Next, download "EpocCam Viewer" of the same application to your PC. Your preparation is perfect. Place your smartphone on the camera stand and project it on your computer. If you share the screen with the web conference app "Zoom", let the other party on the back of the earth see the picture you are drawing and impress!