Introduction: How to Make an Air Racer Car

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Because of the coronavirus, I cannot go outside and make or buy anything, this was one of my school projects and I will try to use the master slides provided by my school and me to help you make it. This is pretty easy, but you will need to have some soldering skills in order to assemble the air racer, you may be able to find some things like batteries or fluted board, but you still need to order online or find somewhere to buy the materials. I sort of failed, but that is only because I got too much hot glue, so you should and can be able to do better.

You can add your own extensions or addons to the air racer, it depends if you like it or not, you can add spoilers or stickers with logos on your car, and maybe even a different fan or legos on it



first, you will need to make the chassis

some polypropylene fluted board with colors of your choice, you can find them in almost any arts and crafts shops, one or two piece, depending on how many colors you want.

A motor holder, this can be 3d printed or bought with the motor you want to buy, or you don't even need one, it is just for support

rods and wheels, 2 rods, 4 wheels, make sure they can fit together and they slide into the fluted board

then you need the electronics:

one 4 double a battery holder: you can find it here

a on and off switch: here

a 1.5-3 volt motor: best one I can find

some wires (which are mostly already on the motor and battery) buy the ones with 2 black wires stuck together and one of them has a white strip of line. buy 2 or 1.

PS: for me, I had to solder the motor's wires, but for you, the wire is already on it in the one I found, but the colors and type of wires are different, so I will just tell you, for the black wires with one of them that has a white strip, the plain one is negative and the striped one is positive. so the plain one is the black wire and the striped one is the red wire. you should have the red and black one. while I have the black and white striped black one.

a circuit board: this you might need to get a service, but for whatever reason, if you have this circuit board, you can use it. here is how it looks like here (you can make one yourself that looks like this, using a PCB design software.

a propeller: here

some positive negative wires: here

and finally, you will need tools:

hole drilling machine or maybe your PCB would already have the holes

soldering iron and solder


hot glue gun

wire stripper


knife (the retractable one)

Step 1: Designing Your Air Racer

first you got to design, and your design should be very aerodynamic and it should look good.

there is a picture of what it should look like on top. the design can look like anything, it just needs to be in a minimum maximum size. the minimum is to at least be able to fit everything on, like the battery holder and the wheels and the fan. the maximum size is 210 x 150 mm (or you can change it if it is not big enough)

sketch out your design in top view and side view, yours don't need to look like this, just a quick sketch to see if everything fits. sketch to scale too.

this also needs a minimum height, depending on the fan your using, and I have a 105 mm fan, so the thing that holds my fan will be at least 11 mm high.

don't make it too thick or big, if it's too big, obviously it won't go and will just fall down.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Chassis

now you should sketch out a silhouette or a net to scale on paper, then cut that paper and lay it on the polypropylene fluted board to cut, draw a outline on the board and use the knife to cut it out, then, assemble it all together with some hot glue.

If some parts are not sturdy enough, also put some hot glue. also make a hole where you will put the switch.

my one is kinda messy, don't follow me. I also cut some holes for the pieces to go in, but that didn't work so well so don't follow me.

Step 3: Assemble the Circuit Board

This part sounds hard, but it really is pretty easy. just get some wires, get your soldering iron, and start soldering.

now the hard part is which one goes to which socket. well I have a graph on top to show you which one goes where. it is also here

To solder, You just need to press down with the soldering iron on the board with the wires and some soldering metal on it, hold town until it melts and take them away, otherwise you may mess up the wires or melt too much.

after you are done, turn it on to see if it works, if it doesn't, double check or send the board with the wires to me to see if something went wrong, only do it after you double checked.

Step 4: Finally: Putting Them Together

you should have cut your fluted board cut in the direction where the rod slides right into the right slot. If you place the width part of the chassis in front of you, the tubes should be horizontal.

Now glue everything on.

put the battery pack in the place you allocated for it, and insert the switch into a hole you cut and fasten it with the nut that came along with it.

place your motor holder on top on the highest place or just glue your motor in. make sure you don't get the wire in front of the fan. place your fan onto the rod of the motor.

finally, place in your rods into the fluted boards and put on the wheels. see if it looks like the picture I gave.

Step 5: Your Done!

now turn it on and watch it go!

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