How to Make an Airport Model in Sketch Up

Introduction: How to Make an Airport Model in Sketch Up

In this Inscrutable, You will make a model of a part of an airport. To create this, you will need to use the program Sketch Up.

Step 1: Creating the Main Terminal and Starting the Walk Way

  1. Create a square that has a side length of 475' 10 3/8".
  2. Create a line from the first corner that is 114' 1 3/16" long
  3. Using this line that you just made, create a rectangle that is 114' 1 3/16" long and 475' 10 3/8" wide
  4. Using the push/pull command, pull the rectangle up 52' 2 3/8"
  5. Make a line that is 99' 10" from the top left corner on the side that connects to the large square.
  6. Using this line create a line that is 13' 5/8" going down
  7. Using the endpoint of the line you just created, make a square that is 28' 6 5/16" wide and 26" 1 1/8" tall
  8. Push the square that you just made 57'10 3/8" out
  9. From the end of the rectangle, create another rectangle that is 37' 3 3/16" wide and 26' 1 1/8" tall

Step 2: Adding in Your Airplane and Continuing the Walk Way

  1. Find the airplane that you want to add in to your airport. you can find these models under the tabs file- 3D-Warehouse-Get models
  2. Download the model you want and place it appropriately
  3. Once the model is placed, create

Step 3: Creating a Window

  1. Create a rectangle that is 24' 11 1/2" long by 13' 9/16" high
  2. Push the rectangle 4' 10 3/16"
  3. Customize it however you want

Step 4: Continue Creation of Window


Step 5: Roof Creation and Coloring

  1. Create a line from both sides of the middle of the largest rectangular prism that is 14' 11 7/8" tall
  2. Using the rectangle command, click on one of the top corners and click on the line that is opposite from it
  3. Repeat step 3 for the other side
  4. Erase the lines created in step 1
  5. Color however you desire

Step 6: Adding a Towing Machine

  1. Using the 3-D warehouse, find any other items to add into you model

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    Wow the model looks great, that's a lot of modeling work and it definitely looks like it paid off!