Introduction: How to Make an Alcohol Gun (DIY WEAPON)

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an alcohol gun is powered by alcohol. alcohol is a highly flammable liquid. so when u press the spark switch it creates a spark which creates high pressure and then the bullet/ projectile gets pushed and it gets forward. that's how a alcohol gun works. its working method is actually similar to a nitro engine.
i have uploaded a video tutorial of this alcohol gun on my channel. go checkout my channel and the video. the link is down below
video (alcohol gun)

Step 1: Get the Stuffs

get all the things to make the gun. you will need
1. alcohol
2. a steel pipe (i used a part of an antena)
3. a small bottle
4. a lighter (for the spark switch)

Step 2: Start Making It

drill 3 holes at the bottom of the bottle. one for the barrel, one for spark switch bottom thing and another for spark switch wire.
then insert the barrel inside one of the holes. and glue it and then wrap thread around and glue it again. this will make it more stable. do it as it is shown in the pictures.
then take your lighter and simply take the spark switch. insert it as u made the holes. this time u have to use the glue carefully either it can damage the switch. then do same thing again. glue - thread - glue

Step 3: DART

made ur simple dart by using some simple things. you will need
1. scissors
2. cotton bar
3. nail
4. plier
then made the simple dart as it is shown in the 2nd picture.


then u have to insert the dart insert the dart inside of the barrel. make sure the dart doesn't fall from the barrel & it fits quite perfectly. and for the alcohol u can use any perfume or body spray cause these contain alcohol. use 1-3 puffs of perfume and it should work just fine.........