How to Make an Almost-Impossible Domino Bridge

Introduction: How to Make an Almost-Impossible Domino Bridge

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If you have seen my other Instructable, you would know that there are a lot of other impossible items that can only be drawn. But how about making a full one in real life? No special views, just making one. Here you will learn how to make the one below out of dominos!

Step 1: The Base.

Obviously, you need a base. But, in this case, you need two temporary dominos,four of them altogether, like below.

Step 2: The Topper.

You need two more dominos, one per each two, like below.

Step 3: Start the Staircase.

Top the toppers with two more dominos, each one in a different position, like below.

Step 4: Put Balanceweights

Put a upward domino on the second step, one for each, like below.

Step 5: Box It.

Put a little box on top of the two dominos, like below.

Step 6: Destroy Buzz Lightyear!( Aka Two Dominos)

Now remove the two edge dominos CAREFULLY! Impossible bridge now, eh? No strings attached!

Step 7: Buy Yourself a Gingerbread House!

You deserve it! You made something ALMOST impossible! My Gingerbread house! Oh yeah, and my sis wants to be mentioned cause she helped with pictures! Immaturaty at age nine! Wow!

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, you can to this with Card Houses. (except one domino standing up=Two cards like an upside down V)