Introduction: How to Make an Anemometer

This is how to make a Anemometer, we hope you enjoy this instructable!


5 paper cups

1 small pin

2 straws

one pencil with a rubber, unsharpened

a nail ( optional)

a sharpened pencil ( to poke the holes)

Step 1:

First, use the pencil or nail to poke two holes each in four of the cups,

When poking the two holes, make them close together.

Step 2:

For the fifth cup, poke 4 holes opposite each other.

Use the sharpened pencil to poke the small holes made by the nail and make the hole bigger.

Step 3:

put the straws into the cup with 4 holes.

Then,put the straws through the 4 cups with the 2 holes.

Step 4:

Finally, finish off by poking a hole at the bottom of the main cup, poking the unsharpened pencil up the hole and use the pin through the middle of both straws and through the rubber.

Step 5:

Now have fun!!!!