Introduction: How to Make an Anemometer - by Riyana, Mackenzie, Olivia & Pranvi

These are instructions on how to make an anemometer by Pranvi, Riyana, Mackenzie & Olivia!

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make a successful anemometer, you will need:

- 5 paper cups

- 1 pencil with a rubber at the end

- 2 straws

- 1 pushpin

- 1 nail or hole punch (hole punch will work better)

- A little strip of cardboard

Step 2: Punching 4 Holes

Firstly, you must punch 4 holes into 1 cup. If you are making holes with a nail, place the cup on the cardboard sideways and then stab the nail through the cup. To make the hole bigger, use a sharpened pencil and stab that through the hole as well. This cup will go in the middle of the anemometer.

Step 3: Putting the Two Straws Through the Cup

Secondly, once you have made all four holes in your cup, put one straw through one hole, then through the one opposite. Do the same with the second straw. This will form a cross.

Step 4: Adding the Extra Cups

Now, it's time for the remaining cups - take those. Make 2 adjacent holes on each of the cups. Thread each of these cups to the end of the straws using the two holes. Make sure all the cups face in the same direction.

Step 5: Starting to Put It Together

Next, use the tip of your pencil to make a hole in the center of the cup in the middle from the bottom. Then, press the pencil down the hole, rubber first and move it slightly to make the hole bigger so that the pencil can rotate easily.

Step 6: Putting It All Together!

Slowly press the pushpin through the two straws and the eraser. Don't push it too far, as this will create unwanted friction and you anemometer will not rotate. Now that you are done, stand your anemometer up and give it a spin. If it does not spin, loosen up the pushpin to reduce the amount of friction. You are done! Enjoy measuring the wind speed!