Introduction: How to Make an Angel Halo!

My name is Emma and I am an intern for! Since our mascot is the angel (note the halo on the top of the “U” on I was given the task of making 50 halos to give out at a golf tournament that we are sponsoring!

The amount of stuff you need will obviously vary, as I doubt many of you need to make 50 halos unless you and your friends are going as an army of angels for Halloween…

So here we go, these are the necessary items you will need to be successful in your halo-making quest!

- Thin White Boa
- Thin Wire (any colour! 20 gauge thickness)
- Thick Wire (any colour! 12 gauge thickness)
- Glue Gun (don’t forget the glue sticks!
- Headbands
- Scissors

Step 1: Step 1: Let's Start the Fun

Step 1:

Take one piece of the pre-measured thin wire and bend it into a circle. Fasten the two ends together by bending each into a loop and connecting the loops. Make sure you twist the ends like a twist tie to make sure that the ends don’t come apart.

Step 2: Step 2: Plug in the Glue

Step 2:

Wrap 14 inches of the thicker wire around the middle of the headband 2-3 times. So it looks like there are antennae sticking out from the headband. If you find it difficult to make it stay use a glob of hot glue to secure it, otherwise just bend it as tightly as possible. Then bend the ends of the “antennae” down to create little hooks.

Step 3: Step 3: Go Crazy..just Kidding You're Almost There!

Step 3:

Hook the thick wires around the thin wire circle (creating the base for your halo). Tightly wrap the thick wire hooks around your thin wire circle, try to make it so the wire circle can’t slide around. Doing that is practically impossible so plug in that glue gun and stick another glob wherever you think is necessary!

Step 4: Step Four: Halos Galore!

Step 4:

Take 24 inches (amount will depend on how fluffy your boa is) of your thin fluffy boa of choice and glue the end of it to the tight spiral of thick wire on your halo. Then wrap the boa around the thin wire circle, making sure that you are using it liberally enough to not let any wire show. This amount will vary depending on how many feather have fallen off the boa. Make sure the hot glue is dry and then stick that sucker on your head and prance around like the angel you are!