Introduction: How to Make an Angry Birds Pig Costume

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This is a character from The Angry Birds Movie, but since it's a movie, it's also a book! The angry birds pig is also in (The Angry Birds Movie: The Junior Novelisation) . The pigs in angry birds are one of my favourite cartoon characters and I think they are cool:)I made this costume because I love doing arts and crafts. Hope you like it!


  • So for this project you will need:
  • One Beach Ball(At least a 50 cm circumference)
  • 2 Plastic bowls
  • Duct Tape
  • Lots and lots of newspaper
  • Sandpaper
  • Green fabric(Velvet or fleece is the best but if you couldn't find any just use what you can find. The fabric I used was not very efficient for this project so unless you have it don't use it.)
  • See-Through bandages
  • White glue
  • Cardboard
  • Light Green spray-paint
  • Green felt
  • Sewing machine/needles and thread
  • White paper
  • Black Markers
  • Glue gun
  • Soldering gun
  • Craft knife

Step 1: Making the Stand

Put the plastic bowl under the beach ball and cup it over the air spout and tape it on to the ball. You have to make sure that the tape isn't too long so it won't go under the paper mache. You can also put something heavy inside the bowl so it won't tip over too easily.

Step 2: Making the Starch

Pour 50g of starch powder and a little bit of glue. Then, mix it in 200ml of water. (If you have liquid starch then just use that, and you don't need to add in glue.)

Step 3: The Paper Mâché

Rip the newspaper into lots of strips. 4.Dip the newspaper pieces into the starch and start sticking them onto the ball.(overlap a bit, especially near the edge that you are going to put your head in.) 5. Cover the whole ball.dry until it is hard and then start doing the next layer. Do this again 3 times.

Step 4: Finishing the Shpere

Rub some glue mixed with water onto the sphere and make sure no newspaper is sticking out. Then, let it dry completely. After that, take the tape off and remove the cup. The final step is to cut the hole at the bottom bigger so you can fit your head into it.

Step 5: Painting

I used Nippon PYLOX Light Green spray-paint for the head. I didn't do the order correctly but you should actually paint it first and then do the facial features.

Step 6: The Nose

Cut out a circle out of cardboard.Then, draw 2 ovals, one big one small, on the circle. After that, cut them out. Next, cut out a 3x31cm strip of cardboard and colour it black(optional). Then use green fabric to cover the whole thing and cut the tail of it off to match the edge. Glue-gun the piece of fabric on and also the bits that stick out after you fold it. The last thing is to use a glue-gun to stick it onto the mask.

Step 7: The Eyes

Draw two big circles on the mask and then cut them out. Use 3 see through bandages and stick them together. Overlap them a bit.put tape in the middle and on the sides but make sure not to block the eyes. After that, stick it on the inside of the mask. Add more tape if needed. Use double-sided tape to stick the middle of the three bandages to the mask between the eyes. The final step is to use marker pen to draw a small dot in each eye.

Step 8: The Ears

Cut out two tiny ears out of cardboard. Then put double-sided tape on both sides. Next, put fabric on both sides and trim the edges. Do this for both ears.

Step 9: The Mouth

Draw a mouth shape on paper and then cut it out. Draw the teeth and colour the rest in black. Stick it on a bit sideways onto the head.

Step 10: Cutting Out the Shape of the Body

Put your t-shirt and jeans together and trace the outline on paper but make the sides 5 cm bigger and the sleeves wider. Cut the piece of paper out. Place it on a piece of folded green fabric and and cut the fabric out. Repeat this again.

Step 11: Sewing

Sewing order(Make sure everything is on the inside of the onesie):

Sew the two parts of the body together from the back.

Sew the legs.(You can add a extra piece of fabric above the legs if you try it on and cant move much)

Sew the shoulders.

DON'T sew the front or else you won't be able to get in.

Step 12: The Sleeves

Measure the length of your arm.use the width of the sleeve on the body and let it go slanted until it is to your wrist. Put it on a piece of fabric that was folded twice and cut it out. Turn the costume inside out and the sleeves also inside out and sew them on. Sew the sleeves onto the costume first before closing up the bottom of the sleeves.

Step 13: Velcro

I used stick-on velcro by VELCRO® and put three pieces on the sides.

Step 14: Gloves

Trace the outline of an oven mitten on folded green felt twice and then cut out a three fingered shape. Sew it together. Do this two times. Then, colour the tip of the fingers black.

Step 15: You Are Done!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading this instructable.

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