Introduction: How to Make an Anxiety Pillow

Today are going to teach you how to an anxiety pillow.

You Will Need:

  • 1 piece of foam
  • 1 piece of material
  • 1 pair of Scissors
  • Pins
  • Paper
  • Pens/textas
  • A ruler
  • A Sewing Machine
  • Thread

Step 1:

First, you need to get your piece of foam and cut it to the size you want it. It is easier if you mark your piece of foam with a texta before you cut it so you know how much foam to cut. Make sure to cut the lines straight so it is easier to measure. For our pillows, we cut our foam 10cmx 10cm.

Step 2:

Fold your piece of paper in half and put the piece of foam that you just cut up onto the piece of paper. Using your ruler draw a square around the foam. Draw another square around the one that you just drew making sure it is 1.5cm in between the two squares. Cut the paper out making sure you only cut around the big square and cut both pieces of paper.

This is called your pattern which will help you cut out your fabric.

Step 3:

Now you need to cut out the fabric. To cut out the fabric you need scissors, your pattern ( the one you made in the last step), pins and the fabric. Lay your fabric flat on a flat surface, preferably a table. Fold the fabric evenly in half so there are two layers of fabric. Now put the pattern on top of the fabric. Line up the bottom fold of the fabric with the bottom fold of the pattern.

Once you have done this and you are happy with it, pin the pattern down to the fabric. There is a special way to put the pins in. With your first pin put it in the top right corner. Put the pin in so that you can see both the top of the pin and the pointy end of it. Using the same strategy that you used before put the next pin in the bottom left corner.

After the pattern has been secured to the fabric, using the scissors cut around the pattern so the fabric is the same size as the pattern.

Step 4:

We will be using your fabric that you just cut out and a sewing machine in this step.

First, turn the fabric that you just cut out inside out so the pattern that you want to see on the outside of the pillow is facing away from you or so you can't see it. Now with the fabric fold it in half so the bottom is facing outwards and the top parts are facing each other and you can't see them.

Now using the sewing machine sew the two longest sides together using a straight stitch. make sure you only sew the sides of the fabric. After this step, you have your piece of fabric with two sides sewn up and the top side shouldn't be sewn up.

Step 5:

With the fabric that you have just sewn up, turn it inside out so you can't see the stitching that you have just done.

Now put your piece of foam inside your fabric using the side that you didn't sew up. Shake the piece of fabric with the foam in it so the foam is inside the fabric all the way. This is like putting a pillowcase on a pillow.

Step 6:

You need a sewing machine for this step.

After the foam is securely inside the fabric/pillowcase sew the top side up using the sewing machine. Sew the last side up using a straight stitch.

Now your Anxiety Pillow is complete and ready to start using!!!