Introduction: How to Make an Arduino Clock

About: I am a Mechatronics Engineer.

I have designed about 15 analog clock. Here I am introducing one of them.

Step 1: Components

Here I have used just 3 components

1. Arduino MEGA

2. DS1307 RTC module

3. 2.4'' TFT display sheild

Step 2: Connection

Connection is so simple..

1. Just place the display shield on the Arduino MEGA.

2. Connect vcc of the RTC to 5v of the arduino, GND to gnd. SDA to SDA(pin 20) and SCL to SCL(pin 21)

Step 3: Code

Download this Library

First download the library. Unzip that. And move to your Arduino library directory ..

Then download the M_008 File (It is the model number of the clock).

Step 4: Change the Color

From the M_008.ino file, you can change the color of the clock. Here I have used Black face and White Background.

And Upload the code...

That's It :)

Step 5: Follow the Video, and Don't Miss the Last Part