Introduction: How to Make an Auto Charger for Your Laptop

Hello everyone

I'm Reza and I`m going to tell you how to make an Auto charger for your laptop in this article.

If you are same as me as the kind of people who work with their laptops for several hours in a day, Sure, you know, you should be careful not to charge the battery after full charge, and do not let it completely empty, as it ends up turning off the laptop. On the other hand, considering the important rule of battery life on laptops, we need to be careful to keep battery life and prevent it from being worn out with proper use. Some of the things that are recommended to maintain battery life are listed below:

1- Don’t let the battery get completely charged or completely be discharged. The best state for the battery is to keep the charge between 40% and 80% range.

2- Do not allow the battery to be completely drained, resulting in the laptop being dropped off

3- If your laptop`s battery is removable and you are used to using AC directly, you should use the battery once a month and charge and discharged for a complete cycle.

4- Avoid hitting the battery.

If I want to state summarize, my problem was that I had to watch the amount of laptop`s battery charge and plug in and out the charger continuously. To solve this problem, I decided to make a device which monitors the battery charge state that whenever needed, charges the battery and whenever the battery got charge enough, it cuts off the power.

Step 1:

To do this, I needed a relay that I could control it via USB. I bought a 1-Channel 5V Computer USB Control Switch Relay module as cost 2$ then connected the power cable to the relay as NO as you see in below.

Step 2:

After preparing the hardware module I started to develop a software which demonstrates battery and charging state.

The application has a slide bar with two value picker, that the right button selects a value of charging as a point to stop charging and unplugging the charger and the other button specifies a value of charging as a point, that the battery needs to be charging.

Also, there is a button as name “Auto” that when it's disabled you would be able to control the charging process manually; or in Auto mode, the application decides to plug or unplug the power at the specified time.

After building the application I put it into the startup folder to run automatically after turning on the computer.

Step 3:

Finally, for safety, I put the hardware module into the plastic box, that has two holes for the USB cable and electricity cables. you can see it below picture. In the following, you would see the video of how this system works.

Step 4:

This method with all benefits, has an important problem in design, as you see, it adds several extra cables on your desk. So, I have an offer for producers of laptop. They can embed the USB relay module inside the charger`s box and then by some little changes in the design of the charger connector and laptop, control the charging process automatically, and also, help to prevent of damage to the battery.

At the end, who interested to use this system, please contact me via the email, I will be happy to answer you.