Introduction: How to Make an Easy Paper Airplane

I discovered recently that a great many people I know and respect have either forgotten or never learned how to make a basic paper airplane. This saddens me greatly, as I believe it is an important skill and a wonderful activity for idle-handed fidgeters like myself. and so I have taken matters into my own hands and created a wonderful opportunity for you to dispose of unwanted paperwork, pass notes to friends conspicuously, and annoy your loved ones - even all at the same time!
above is the result your aiming for - pun very much intended.

Step 1: Find a Piece of Paper.

This is really the key to the whole thing. You will need paper that is thin enough to crease well - construction paper will make for a destructive airplane death spiral. You have been warned. Also it must be a rectangle. Squares are not your friend in this scenario.

Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half - the Fatter Way.

Fold that bad boy! "Hamburger" style, if that vernacular is more your speed. Basically, make the shorter edges touch and crease it!

Step 3: Now Unfold It.

Still with me so far?

Step 4: Take the Upper Left-hand Corner and Fold It Down Along the Center Crease.

Alright, shit just got real. We're in full, uncharted territory now. So just fold that corner down, creating a point at the top and following exactly down the center fold.

Step 5: Do That Crap on the Other Side, Too.

Don't worry, you got this.

Step 6: Take That Same Left Side, and Fold It Inwards Again So It Matches the Center Crease.

It looks more complicated than it is, y'all. It's basically the last step, you're just creating a longer fold. Don't forget to fold it tight, and keep a nice point at the top - that will be the nose of your plane.

Step 7: Hopefully You Guessed It - Now the Right Side.

See? No sweat.

Step 8: Now, Flip the Airplane Over.


Step 9: Fold the Plane in Half Along the Center Line.

This part is a little counter-intuitive, I know. But the crease is already there, you're basically bending it backwards to fold it in half. You should end up with something like the above.

Step 10: Now for the Wings! Take These New Flaps and Fold Them Down Along the Center.

This part might require some rotating of the plane to get a good angle - I'm a lefty, so I am genetically programmed to make things difficult for everyone (just ask my mom). Basically, you have a thick, fat crease in the center now - this will be the base of your plane. Take the loose end of the fold and bend it down along this crease to create the wing.

Step 11: Wonder What Comes Next?

Fear not! I will tell you - flip that thing over and fold that dude on the other side too!

Step 12: Now Unfold the Wings!

Fold those bad boys up a little to make the wings of your plane. Also feel free to fluff in general, to make it as airplane-like as a piece of paper can be. I recommend bending up the ends a little to keep your plane from nosediving. Although if your plane shoots up and then plummets, you might want to bend the back ends down a little.
Here is what you should have ^^

Step 13: Ta-Da!

You just created a lovely paper airplane! If it looks nothing like the photo above - feel free to blame my poor instructive skills. Also don't feel it's misshapen-ness should prevent you from chucking it at people.

Bon Voyage, campers!