Introduction: How to Make an Easy Starter Minecraft House With Easy to Find Materials in Game


Step 1: Building the Base

first start the house by adding 6 blocks on the floor next to each other on a horizontal line. after that add 2 blocks to the right of it on one of the ends. then add 5 blocks parallel to the other 6 blocks on the end of the 2 blocks you placed. next add 4 blocks over next to the 2 blocks you placed. lastly put 5 blocks down under the the last block of the the 5 you last placed. if you want to house 2 people make it that when you put 4 blocks over next to the 2 blocks you turn it into 5 blocks

Step 2: The Walls

add walls as tall as you want though i would suggest you make them 3 locks higher.

Step 3: The Roof

create the roof b either making the wall higher or making a fancy pointed roof

Step 4: Light

add torches wherever there is space. i suggest you put it above your bed or beds. and above the door. in the mine or the other room put torches wherever.

Step 5: Furniture

put a bed in the middle of the big room or if you are housing 2 put 2 beds on the walls. make sure this goes against the back wall. ( the pillow side against the back wall) next put a crafting table in between the 2 beds or on 1 side of the 1 bed. then do the same with a furnace. lastly if you want to put chests against the side wall.also add doors

Step 6: Optional: Decorations

add your decorations of your choice i put roses in front of the house. if you want you can pictures in your house too

Step 7: Congradulations!!!!!!!!!

you just completed the easiest the most not useful house in minecraft unless you are just starting a new minecraft game!

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