Introduction: How to Make an Edison Lamp/diy Light Bulb

How to make an Edison lamp/DIY light bulb

Thank you for clicking on this tutorial on how to make an Edison lamp or a light bulb whatever you want to call it it's the same thing. This light bulb is going to be powered off a thin piece of pencil lead as a filament. This plan that was adapted from this plan set.

Step 1: Having a Nice Place to Work!!

The first step in making your light bulb is being prepared for this project and having a nice place to work .

Step 2: ​Materials Needed:

Materials Needed:

Jar and Lid Pencil Lead Malleable Wire Heat-Shrink Tubing 4 Machine Screws ¼-20 4 Nuts 2 Acorn Nuts JB Weld Silicone CO2 Canister Short Length of Piano Wire 12v 2A power supply Toggle switch Something for base Tools Needed: Drill and Bits Wire Cutters Pliers Scissors Penknife Screw Drivers Oven Wire Leads Fire extinguisher (mandatory) Safety glasses (also mandatory)

Step 3: Cutting Your Wire

Cutting your wire:

Cut your wire a few inches longer than the jar.

Step 4: Wind Loops

Wind loops of wire to hold the pencil lead.

Step 5: Drill Out the Screws

Drill out the screws and glue the wire in.

Step 6: Chek Your Lid

Before you drill holes in the lid, you want to make sure that you have an airtight lid. So to make sure, put your jar in the oven till it gets hot. Screw the lid on while it's still hot then let it cool down. Once it's cold, pull the cap off and see if it made a vacuum. I forgot to do the step thus my light did not work .

Step 7: Drill the Cap

out then weld in the screws. Wait till it drys then put a lot of silicone on them to seal it.

Step 8: Insert Your Filament

Wait till the Silicon drys then insert your filament and double check that everything is secure before you try to seal it.

Step 9: Prime Your Bulb

To prime the bulb, the first thing that you want to do is take the glass jar and put it in the oven until it gets too hot to touch. After that, take it out of the oven, screw it on nice and tight and use whatever method you have to get CO2 into the jar to replace the oxygen. Then screw on the acorn nuts filled with silicone.

Step 10: Finish!!

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