How to Make an Embossed Oval Bracelet



Introduction: How to Make an Embossed Oval Bracelet

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We like to use materials that can be thrown away to make our jewelry. We wanted to make something blue and silver and we had a new oval punch, so we decided to make this embossed oval bracelet using bike inner tube and aluminum Nespresso coffee pods (you can make matching earrings if you like). We hope you like the Instructable.

What do you need to make this bracelet; Inner bike tube, aluminum Nespresso coffee pods, in our case Vivalto lungo, 8 oval jump rings, 2 round jump rings, a clasp, a square punch, 1.8 cm, we used the brand Artemio and an oval shape punch, 3.8 cm (Artemio as well).

Step 1: Prepare Your Coffee Pod

Flatten your coffee pod entirely. Open it up again and than cut off the top and the bottom. Flatten this piece using a marker. Repeat this step 3 times to be able to cut enough squares. Than cut 7 squares, to make the silver ones, turn your coffee pod with the silver side up before you punch.

Step 2: Now Prepare Your Oval Inner Tube Pieces

Cut and clean the inner tube of a bicycle tire. Cut out 7 ovals with your punch. Punch out a paper oval as well and use this to measure the middle of the oval. This is to be able to punch holes the same way for all the ovals

Step 3: Now Attach All the Pieces

Add one square onto a oval piece (color order you like). Take an oval jump ring and attach it to one square and oval. Repeat this until all the pieces are attached. Hereafter attach your clasp and your bracelet is done!

We hope you like our instructable.

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