Introduction: How to Make an Enchanted Pumpkin Carriage

If you don't have a ferry Godmother like Cinderella did, you can make your own pumpkin carriage, and this one will last all week - not just until midnight.

A few 3D printed accessories can turn an ordinary Halloween into and extraordinary pumpkin carving experience..

Step 1: Materials

Materials you'll need:

1) A small pumpkin (like a sugar pumpkin) no larger in diameter than 19".

2) Standard pumpkin carving tools: knife, marker, spoon.

3) Six 1" long wood screws (or as short as 3/4") + a screw driver

4) Tea light candle

5) 3D Printed chassis, wheels, windows, door which can be downloaded for free (along with printing instructions) on at this link

Step 2: Layout (Doorway)

Use a marker and a the doorway insert as a template to layout where the cut for the doorway will go.

Place the door in the center of the pumpkin and make sure the bottom of the doorway is parallel with the base of of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Layout (Windows)

Use a marker and one of the window inserts as a template to layout where the cut for where the windows will go. The top of the windows whats to line up with the top of the doorway. Draw three windows 90 degrees apart, 90 degrees from the door way. The azimuth location of the windows is more important than how straight they are but do your best to make them straight as well. The window inserts can be rotated a few degrees to straighten them out once they are installed.

Step 4: Hollowing Out Your Pumpkin

Once the layout of the doorway and windows is complete, the top of the pumpkin can be laid out and removed. The size of this opening may have to be smaller than the opening on a traditional jack-o-lantern because the cut outs on the side come up high on the pumpkin. For that reason make sure you layout the door and wondows first before cutting the top off.

For instructions and tips on how to carve a jack-o-lantern visit one of these Instructables

Step 5: Placing the Window and Doorway Inserts

Cut the pumpkin on the outside of the marker line and install the inserts from the inside out.

Step 6: Assemble the Carriage Chassis

The 3D printed chassis assembles in two pieces, the front and the back. Assemble them as they are shown here. They are shown in these pictures in the ready-to-attach position so they are upside down.

Step 7: Attach the Chassis Pieces

The chassis pieces attach to pumpkin with wood screws. This works surprisingly well but keep in mind that you are screwing into a pumpkin and not a piece of wood so only tighten them down a much as needed for the chassis pieces not to be loose

Step 8: Light Candle, Enjoy.

Light the candle and enjoy your enchanted pumpkin carriage until midnight.

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