Introduction: How to Make an Epic Wii Gun (In Under $10)

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Welcome, thanks for trying my instructable!!! :)

Today we will be making a Wii gun for gun games on the Wii console. So... Lets get started!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Materials

So, I used a small $2 flashlight I found at target. You may not have that, so anything cylinder shaped will probably work. Pick an item (Dead flashlight, Tied together pencils, Ect.) to fit your hand. Now lets move on.

Step 2: Step 2: Attach the Flashlight

Ok, before we move on you have to choices and you will use one set later.

A. Just use duck tape

B. Use rubber bands

Instructions for A. First just put the cylinder on Wiimote and cut a small strip of duck tape. Then, put the tape half on the cylinder and half on the Wiimote on one side. Next do the same for the other side.

Instructions for B.

Instructions for A. First just put the cylinder on Wiimote and put 2 rubber band on the bottom of the cylinder and and on top (face) of the Wiimote.

Step 3: Step 3: Duck Taping the Cylinder

Ok, so next:

Instructions for A. Duck tape the sides and top of the cylinder.

Instructions for B. Duck tape the sides, top, and bottom of the cylinder and make sure to leave holes where the bands come out.

Step 4: Step Four: YOU ARE DONE!!!

Now go get shooting!!! Thanks for reading!!!